The Minor in Journalism consists of 18 credit hours. The program structure is as follows:

Core Courses

  • JOU 270: Required for all minors and a prerequisite for advanced writing courses.
  • JOU 278: Required for all minors and can be taken at any time.


Students must complete four additional journalism course electives. To tailor their education to specific interests and prepare for specialized journalism or writing opportunities, students may choose:

  • Up to two upper-level, non-journalism interdisciplinary courses to gain specialized expertise (pre-approval required by the Director of Journalism).

Additional Information

  • For a comprehensive overview of the Journalism Minor, including course offerings, faculty information, student work, program news, and journalism resources, please visit the Journalism Program’s website.
  • For questions about the Journalism Minor, contact Phoebe Zerwick.

This structure provides a balanced foundation in journalism while allowing flexibility to pursue individual interests and career goals.