The Writing Program

The Wake Forest University Writing Program, housed in the Department of English, is comprised of scholars and writers dedicated to teaching writing as a lifelong discipline. Our program emphasizes the development of writing skills that extend beyond the classroom, preparing students for diverse writing situations in their academic, professional, and personal lives.

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Minor in Interdisciplinary Writing

The Writing Program offers a minor in Interdisciplinary Writing. Students in the interdisciplinary Writing Minor will develop their academic, critical, and rhetorical writing skills in ways that enhance their major courses of study. By moving beyond the competencies introduced in the first-year writing seminar, the Writing Minor will provide students with opportunities to practice, refine, and extend their skills as academic, professional, and creative writers.

The curriculum, composed of new and existing courses in rhetoric and writing, as well as writing-enhanced courses across the disciplines, prepares students to participate in various writing situations both inside and outside the academy. Because writing enhances reflection, reinforces learning, and improves critical thinking, the Writing Minor will provide students with the skills they need to excel in their majors, their professions, and their lives as engaged citizens.

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