Meet English Alum Alejandra Ortega, MA ’15

Hometown: Holt, Michigan

Degree: Master of the Arts in English

Current Employment: PhD student at Purdue University and Editorial Assistant for MFS: Modern Fiction Studies

What role has the English major played in your career path?

The English major has had an integral role in my career path. I have taught literature and composition at both the university and middle school level and have had the opportunity to present and publish my academic research. My time in the MA program at Wake Forest University was a challenging experience. This experience was instrumental in driving me to construct my research ethos. Additionally, it laid the foundation for me to develop my pedagogy. Both lessons were instrumental in my continuing on to my current PhD program at Purdue University. I am also currently an editorial assistant at MFS: Modern Fiction Studies, a top-tier literary journal in modernist literature studies that is published by Johns Hopkins University Press. This job allows me to bring together the writing and research skills I’ve learned over the years to edit and prepare other scholars’ work for publication.

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