Associate Teaching Professor


  • Office: C114 Tribble Hall
  • Phone: (336) 758-3369
  • Email:


  • PhD Emory University
  • MA Temple University

Areas of Interest

  • 19th and 20th Century African-American Literature
  • 19th Century American Women’s Social Movements
  • 19th/Early 20th Century African-American and American Periodicals
  • American Political Satire

Courses Taught at Wake Forest

  • ENG 302 “Race” Fictions: Image and Inversions in American Literature
  • ENG 381 “Black Like Me”: Reform, Representation, and the Black Public Sphere during the Black Cultural/Literary Renaissances between 1900-1950
  • ENG 389 The Authenticating Black “I”: Studies in Black Autobiography from Slavery to Freedom
  • ENG 387 Slavery in the Twentieth Century Black Imagination
  • ENG 150 Dreaming America: Expression, Identity, and the Literary Imagination
  • ENG 175 Whose History; Whose Hero? The “Heroic Ideal” in American Literature
  • WRI 111 Personal as Political in African American Literature
  • WRI 111 What’s So Funny?: Humor, Race, and Nation in American Political Humor

Selected Publications

  • “Woodruff Library’s African American Studies Collection At a Glance” Loose Canons, November 2002.
  • “Bauerlein Studies 1906 Atlanta Race Riots: An Interview,” Loose Canons, July 2001