English Minor

The English Minor

A minor in English Literature enriches other majors, such as History, Philosophy, Art, Theatre, Communications, Political Science, and Economics, to name a few. The English minor refines discussion, critical reading, and writing skills valued in many professions, including business, law, and medicine. The English minor also complements students’ majors in business and the sciences by adding a humanistic dimension to their undergraduate education. 


A minor in English requires twenty-one hours in courses above Writing 111, at least fifteen of which must be in advanced language and literature courses numbered 300 to 399.  Each minor will be assigned an adviser in the English department who will plan a program of study with the student.  No more than one course (three hours) taken elsewhere may be counted toward the fifteen hours of 300-level English courses required for the minor.  This limitation applies to courses taught in approved non-Wake Forest programs, not to courses in programs offered or sponsored by Wake Forest.

Note: A minimum grade-point average of 2.0 in courses which comprise the major or minor is required for graduation with any major or minor this department offers.

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