Core Requirements

Core (Division II) Requirements

To satisfy requirements for graduation, students must complete one course in Division II, The Humanities: Literatures. The Department of English offers a variety of interesting writing-intensive seminar courses that satisfy this requirement. In all our courses, students are encouraged to think critically and imaginatively about literature, to develop interpretative skills, and to write cogent analyses.

Students must satisfy or be enrolled in the basic writing requirement before enrolling in a Division II course in English; we urge students to enroll in their literature course before their junior year. All prospective English majors are encouraged to take ENG 265, 266, 275, or 290 for their Division II literature requirement, rather than the 100 level courses (ENG 150, 165, 175, 185, 190). Students who score a 5 on the AP literature or language examination and intend to use English as a divisional requirement may take a 300 level English course to satisfy the Division II literature requirement.

Course Descriptions

English 150: Literature Interprets the World. (3 hr) Emphasis on learning to interpret literature as a way of thinking through philosophical, ethical, social, historical, and cultural problems and phenomena. Writing Intensive; seminar。

English 165: Interpreting British Literature (3 hr.) Emphasis on significant British writers representing different periods and genres. Writing intensive; seminar.

English 175: Interpreting American Literature (3 hr) Emphasis on significant American writers representing different periods and genres. Writing intensive; seminar.

English 185: Interpreting Global Literature (3 hr.) Emphasis on significant writers representing different nationalities, periods and genres. Writing intensive; seminar.

English 190: Literary Genres

  1. Studies in Genres. (3 hr.) Emphasis on poetry, fiction, and drama. Writing intensive; seminar.
  2. Poetry. (3 hrs) Writing intensive; seminar.
  3. Dramatic Literature (3 hr.) Writing intensive; seminar.
  4. Fiction (3 hr.) Emphasis may be on the novel, short story, or both. Writing intensive; seminar.
  5. The Epic (3 hr.) Writing intensive; seminar.

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