Professor Sarah Hogan gives invited lecture at Matters of Invention symposium in Nicosia, Cyprus

Dr. Sarah Hogan

In late September, Professor of Literature Sarah Hogan gave an invited lecture at the Matters of Invention symposium, sponsored by the University of Cyprus. This small, two-day conference in Nicosia, Cyprus, brought together international scholars devoted to the study of utopian literature and early modernity.  Her talk, “Narrating the Novum: Utopia and the Question of Origins,” considered how Thomas More’s Utopia has the potential to shape contemporary historical narratives about the transition from feudalism to capitalism, in ways that acknowledge its immanent, multiple, contested, geographically displaced, and crucially, cultural (as well as social) origins. Hogan is the author of the forthcoming monograph, Other Englands: Utopia, Capital, and Empire in an Age of Transition (Stanford UP, 2018).

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