English Department supports ZSR Librarians’ Assembly statement on online proctoring services

The Wake Forest University Department of English endorses the Z. Smith Reynolds Librarians’ Assembly statement on online proctoring services. Like the Library faculty, English Department faculty will not use online proctoring services, which compromise student privacy. 

A statement from the Librarians’ Assembly, published July 23, 2020, concludes:

While we affirm the need to ensure academic integrity and protect academic freedom, as well as the need to meet the requirements of various accrediting bodies, we must place before all of these our commitment to a just and equitable learning environment that respects the privacy and the inherent dignity of all of our students. Online proctoring services are in direct conflict with this commitment and with our professional values as librarians.


Out of concern for our students’ privacy and the trust relationships we build with them, members of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library faculty will agree to not adopt or promote online proctoring services and will instead use forms of assessment that embrace, rather than attempt to suppress, the open nature of the internet.

Please read the statement in full here.

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