Meet English Major Lauren DeMarco ’22

English Major Lauren DeMarco Hometown: Charleston, SC

Majors, minors, graduation year: English and Studio Art majors, Spanish minor

Highlights of your time at Wake: Now that I am a senior there are too many to name: exhibiting my artwork in student shows, playing in frisbee tournaments with the club team, screaming and rolling the quad after a big win, tutoring and playing tag with the students at Latino Community Services, working for the Humanities Institute, learning about everything from Jane Austen to filmmaking to Spanish culture, and trying all the amazing food in Winston with my roommates.

Post-grad plans: I am hoping to either teach abroad next year or be in an interdisciplinary/engaged humanities graduate school program, but I can’t say for sure at this point. I’m just excited to keep growing and exploring wherever life takes me.

Why you majored in English: Literature has always been my favorite way to learn about people, different perspectives, history, and the world around me. The classes in the major are provocative and engaging, the faculty are amazing, and the reading, writing, and analytical skills will serve me well in whatever career I choose. Plus, too many of my family members are involved in the medical field and I figured we could use a humanities major to provide some balance.

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