Meet English Major Zerin Islam

Hometown: Royal Palm Beach, Florida

Major/minors: English major, biology and chemistry minors

Highlights of your time at Wake:

I am beyond grateful for this university, all the opportunities it has provided me, and the fact that it has allowed me to delve into both my career aspirations as a medical physician as well as my passion for English literature, language, and writing. Not only have I connected with some of the greatest people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet, but I’ve also become involved in meaningful research and shadowing opportunities in the sciences and healthcare, leadership roles inside and outside the English department (e.g., English Student Association president, English tutor, Student Advisor, and Wellbeing Facilitator), and impactful volunteering positions in which I assist clinic patients and others in need.

Post-grad plans:

This upcoming school year, I’ll be attending UNC Greensboro as a pre-medical postbaccalaureate student and continuing my involvement in the medical community by shadowing physicians, volunteering, and becoming a licensed EMT. Afterwards, I’ll be applying to medical schools and will hopefully be on my way to being the compassionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated physician I’ve always aspired to be.

Why I majored in English:

I’ve always believed that literature, in any language, carries with it an air of humanity that is so indelibly powerful and moving. Through it, you gain experiences and adopt a vast number of perspectives which you’d otherwise never be able to witness. The way written language evokes feelings, promotes empathy, and opens minds makes this field not only meaningful, but necessary.

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