Meet English Major Megan Gast ’20

English student Megan Gast '20Hometown: Naples, Florida

Majors: English and Psychology double major

Highlights of my time at Wake:

It is hard to choose a single highlight because my three years here at Wake have been amazing! One highlight has been making such great friends. I know the relationships I’ve made here will last a lifetime. Academically, a highlight of my time at Wake has been being able to study subjects and topics that interest me in an environment where the professors truly care about my learning and are eager to engage in conversations with the students, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Post-grad plans: 

After I graduate in 2020, I plan on attending law school. My hope is to attend Wake Forest Law School and become a Double Deac.

Why I majored in English:

First and foremost, I majored in English because I enjoy reading and i wanted to major in a subject that I enjoy. What could be better than getting college credit for doing something I already love to do? Practically, my English major will help me with my post-graduate plan of attending law school because law school is a lot of reading and writing, so, having honed my reading and writing skills for four years as an undergrad, I will be able to use those skills in law school and in my future career as a lawyer. 

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