Meet English Major Lillian Johnson ’20

Hometown: Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey


Major/Minors: English major with Journalism and Schools, Education, and Society (SES) minors


Highlights of your time at Wake: Some of my fondest memories have taken place on late Wednesday nights working at the Old Gold & Black, our school’s student-run, independent newspaper. I currently serve as the Old Gold & Black’s Editor-in-Chief. In the past couple of semesters, my staff and I have reported on difficult topics and situations on campus. It’s hard work, but work I love doing. Working for the school newspaper not only put me on a new career path, it led me to study abroad last summer in Peru and has given me my best friends at Wake Forest.


Post-grad plans: After graduation, I plan on pursuing a career in journalism, either as a reporter or an editor.


Why you majored in English: Majoring in English wasn’t really a conscious choice I ever made. It’s always felt like what I was meant to do; I knew I wanted to be an English major way before college. As someone who absolutely loves to read, write, and analyze, it only made sense to major in the one subject where I could hone all three of those skills equally. Being an English major has helped me sharpen my mind and continually challenges me to consider new perspectives and ideas.

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