Hometown: Lexington, South Carolina

Major/Minors: English (major) and Studio Art and Film Studies (minors) 

Highlights of your time at Wake
During my time at Wake, I’ve mostly been involved in filmmaking. I’ve been co-president of Wake Studios for two years which has allowed me to work on a number of short films, video art projects, and a web series. I also work at the theater department scene shop helping to build sets for all the department’s productions. 

Post-grad plans
After graduation, I plan on working in the film/tv industry for a few years.  After a few years off, I plan to go to graduate school and continue studying film and filmmaking. 

Why I majored in English 
Though I plan to pursue filmmaking, I chose to major in English because I want to become a screenwriter for television and film. I’ve always really loved sitcoms so I hope one day I can write for a sitcom and eventually create one of my own. There are so many literary elements that go into filmmaking, so studying literature and theory has not only helped expand my knowledge of literature, it’s also helped me to become a better filmmaker.