A new short story collection from John McNally, former writer-in-residence

Cover of John McNally's short story collection, The Fear of EverythingFormer Wake Forest University writer-in-residence John McNally’s newest collection of short stories, The Fear of Everything, is now available from the University of Louisiana Press. 

In her review of the collection, Caitlin Hicks of the New York Journal of Books writes:

In this collection of short stories, John McNally invites us on a few short journeys and after the first collection of sentences, the reader is under his spell. His stories are so bizarre and compelling, so reassuringly normal, yet slightly off kilter – you just can’t begin one without finishing it. His brilliant descriptions of feelings that visit his characters, according to their circumstances, surprise and delight. Although McNally’s stories seem unbelievable at first, they throb with a recognizable human heartbeat, powered by love and regret and the mystery of life.

McNally is author or editor of seventeen previous books, including The Book of Ralph: A Novel and The Boy Who Really, Really Wanted to Have Sex: The Memoir of a Fat Kid. A graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, John is Writer-in-Residence and the Dr. Doris Meriwether/BORSF Professor in English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.


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