Entanglements: A Conference on the Intersections of Poetry, Science, and Art May 13-16

The 2019 Reynolda Conference at Wake Forest University, Entanglements: A Conference on the Intersections of Poetry, Science, and Art, will bring together a diverse range of 10 leading poets, scientists, artists, and scholars from around the world whose work and/or teaching engages with transdisciplinary investigations into shared principles and methods in literature, science, and art. These featured presenters will be joined by Wake Forest University special guests, faculty and staff presenters, visiting attendees, and the public for three days of innovative programming. Entanglements is being convened by Wake Forest University Associate Professor and Poet-in-Residence Amy Catanzano, who won the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation-funded 2019 Reynolda Conference Award to convene the conference.

The themes to be examined include the historical, contemporary, and future intersections of literature, science, and art; collaborations between institutions and individuals across these disciplines; innovative pedagogy at these intersections; and publication, funding, and dissemination of ideas and projects. The primary questions to be engaged are: What innovative projects—art, artifacts, texts, songs, performances, dialogues, theoretical frameworks, experiments, models, and intergenre inventions—are being done at the intersections of poetry, science, and art? What is possible at these intersections for the future? What pioneering projects have come before, and how have they been received? What theoretical, ethical, and practical problems arise when working at the intersections of literature, art, and science, and how can these problems be addressed? For those participants in teaching positions, what methods are being developed to teach at these transdisciplinary intersections?

The conference has been uniquely organized as a National Endowment for the Humanities-style symposium combined with a literary and performing arts festival. During the daytime symposium, the 10 featured presenters, special guests, and Wake Forest University panelists present in sessions exploring the conference’s themes. Two special evening literary readings and performances highlight the featured presenters. All the events except those noted on the schedule are open to the entire university community and the public.

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