Meet English Major Boone Aiken

Boone Aiken

Hometown: Florence, South Carolina

Major(s)/Minors: English Major / Creative Writing Minor

Any highlights of your time here that you want to share?: I have enjoyed my time as a Deacon both inside and outside of the classroom. From cheering on our athletic teams with fellow students, to engaging in a variety of student organizations, my undergraduate experience at Wake has been productive, challenging, and above all, enjoyable. As a member of the Student Advising Leadership Council, I’ve had the opportunity to work with student advisers as well as advisees in order to provide a positive experience for incoming classes over the past three years. It’s always exciting to see a new class of Deacons begin their undergraduate careers, and I look forward to seeing the student community continue to thrive in the coming years.

Post-graduate plans: I plan on attending law school this coming fall.

Why I majored in English: The English major provides students with a variety of important skills. From developing one’s ability to analyze text on a close level, to expanding one’s reading endeavors and literary repertoire, English enhances fundamental skills that are applicable to any career. Most importantly, English has taught me how to think outside of the box – how to look beyond the surface level of a sentence – how to challenge ideas and form my own opinions. The major has taught me the value of academic ambition, for when an argument seems irrefutable, there’s always a counterargument waiting to be uncovered.

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