Meet Alum Zachary Orr ’18

English Department Alum Zachary OrrZachary Orr ’18

Hometown: North Richland Hills, Texas

Major: English

Current Employment: Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army


Any highlights of your time here that you want to share?

I was a cadet with the Army ROTC program on campus. The greatest privilege of my years here at Wake Forest has been the chance to spend so much time with men and women who come from every walk of life to serve their country and become tomorrow’s leaders both in and out of the military. Regardless of the backgrounds, worldviews, or aspirations of these cadets, each is dedicated to the ideals of service and sacrifice in a world with a challenging, complex future.

Post-graduate plans:
Upon graduation last May, I commissioned as an active-duty Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. I have been selected as a Field Artillery officer, so my first move after graduation was to Fort Sill, Oklahoma for about six months for training before heading off to wherever the Army sends me next.

Why did you major in English?
First and foremost, English has been a fantastic help in improving my written communication skills. Additionally, the nature of the critical study of literature and language has improved my analytical abilities and pushes me to think outside the box. Finally, the study of English produces empathy and an understanding of the human experience that is scarcely achievable to the same extent any other way.

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