Cover of the issue, reading "THREE TO FOUR OUNCES: THE SPRING 2022 ISSUE, "The UltraContemporary." Below the text, a painted, abstracted collage of objects, including playing cards, birthday candles, wine glasses, coffee cups, a guitar, a clock, and other shapes and colors layered over one another.

The spring 2022 issue of Three to Four Ounces, Wake Forest University’s student literary magazine, is now available online. It was also released in a limited print run for the first time since the beginning of the Covid pandemic.

The issue, titled “The UltraContemporary,” comprises written work and visual art from Wake Forest students. It was edited by Aine Pierre, Declan Sander, and Joshua Yama. 

In their note, the editors explain: 

In our first in-print edition since 2019, we wanted to feature work that captured the truly unusual state of the world at this time. With a pandemic still raging and the fires of war raging across the globe, the UltraContemporary truly is a project in catharsis and expression. We encouraged those who submitted to our magazine to take heed of Emily Dickinson’s view that “forever is composed of nows” and Audre Lorde’s view that those on the margins seek “nows that can breed futures.”

Three to Four Ounces, formerly The Student literary magazine, was founded on the original Wake Forest campus in 1883. The magazine has undergone many changes since its inception, but has continued to serve as a creative forum in the Wake Forest University community for visual and literary arts.

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