Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit

Study Abroad and Summer School 

Policies and Procedures for Approval of Non-Wake Forest Courses Taken Abroad and Summer School Elsewhere (as of Fall 2007)

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Each year the Department of English receives an overwhelming number of requests to approve non-Wake Forest courses taken abroad and courses taken in summer school elsewhere. In order to manage all of these requests, we ask you to follow these guidelines. Please read this notice in its entirety before contacting our office.

  1. Contact:
    Please contact the Center for International Studies for study abroad information or the Registrar’s office for summer school elsewhere information before contacting our department. 
  2. Deadlines for requests involving the next semester:
    Study Abroad Requests for approval must be submitted to our office no later than December 1 or May 1 in order to be approved for the following regular term (December 1 for spring term requests and May 1 for summer and fall term requests). 

    Summer School Elsewhere Transfer Requests must be submitted to the English Department by May 1.  Requests submitted after May 1 will be reviewed at the discretion of the department.

    If your course options change when you are abroad, you must request course approval as soon as possible; contact the Center for International Studies for the email course approval form (ECAF).

  3. Paperwork submitted:
    Please submit completed forms provided by the Center for International Studies or the Registrar’s Office along with the official course descriptions and a course syllabus including text requirements and writing requirements for each course to be considered. Since we receive so many requests, your information will be considered by the responsible faculty members at their earliest convenience. We ask that you do not wait until the last minute to make your request.  Our office is located in C201 Tribble Hall.


  • All courses must be approved in advance by the Department of English.
  • All courses must be taken from accredited four-year colleges and taught by regular members of the college faculty.
  • No credit will be given for Writing 111, Writing Seminar.
  • No more than two courses (6 hours) taken elsewhere may be counted toward the twenty-four hours of 300-level English courses required for the major, with individual petitions to be made for possible exceptions. No more than one course (3 hours) taken elsewhere may be counted toward the fifteen hours of 300-level English courses required for the minor. Exceptions to this policy will be made on a case by case basis.*

Requesting English Divisional Credit:

For students matriculating at WFU in Fall 2007 or thereafter:

We will not award Core Course credit for any courses taken in Summer School Elsewhere or in non-WFU study abroad programs. Students may request approval for such courses for elective credit.

For students matriculating at WFU before Fall 2007:

You may take only ONE approved English Divisional Course at another institution. Only British and American literature courses similar to our ENG160 or ENG170 courses in time periods, variety of authors, and level of difficulty will be considered. The student must submit a detailed, complete syllabus that indicates the schedule of readings and nature of writing assignments. The course must have a significant writing component (at least ten pages of writing). We will also consider course requests for other divisional credits such as courses in Anglophone literature. If you have taken ENG 160 or ENG170 at WFU and you find a course at another institution that is similar to our ENG150, ENG165, ENG 175, ENG 185, or ENG 190 both in content and scope and which also requires 20 pages of polished writing from all students enrolled in the course, you are welcome to submit such a course for consideration. (Note that if you have taken 160, you may not take 165; if you’ve taken 170, you may not take 175, and vice versa).

** Foreign literature or world literature divisional courses must be approved in other departments (i.e. Spanish literature must be approved in the Romance Languages department). Courses in foreign literature in English translation must be submitted to Dean Billy Hamilton for approval. Any other literature courses that do not fit these categories but are rigorous in their reading and writing requirements may be submitted to Kurt Shaw, chair of the Division II committee for consideration.** 

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