Renee Gladman and Joanna Howard to give fiction reading on Nov. 5

Please join us for a literary reading with writers Renee Gladman and Joanna Howard on Thursday, November 5, at 4:30 p.m. in DeTamble Auditorium in Tribble Hall at Wake Forest University. The reading is free and open to the public.

Renee Gladman is an artist and writer preoccupied with lines, crossings, thresholds, geographies, and syntaxes as they play out in the interstices of poetry and fiction. She is the author of eight published works, including a cycle of novels about the city-state Ravicka and its inhabitants, the Ravickians. Morelia, a novella, and Calamities, a collection of essays, are forthcoming in 2016. A 2014-2015 Radcliffe Fellow at Harvard University, she currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island, with the poet-ceramicist, Danielle Vogel.

Joanna Howard is the author of Foreign Correspondent (Counterpath Books, 2013), On the Winding Stair (Boa Editions, 2009), and In the Colorless Round (Noemi Press, 2006). Her work has appeared in ConjunctionsVerseBombChicago ReviewBrooklyn RailUnsaidQuarterly WestAmerican Letters & CommentaryFourteen HillsWestern Humanities ReviewSalt HillTarpaulin Sky and elsewhere. She has also co-translated Walls by Marcel Cohen (Black Square Editions, 2009) and Cows by Frederic Boyer (Noemi Press, 2014). She lives in Providence and teaches at Brown University.

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