Philip Kuberski

Phil KuberskiDr. Philip Kuberski

Professor of English


Office: C105 Tribble Hall

Phone: (336) 758-5924



PhD University of California, Irvine

MA University of California, Irvine

BA University of California, Irvine

Areas of Interest



Science & Literature

Courses Taught at Wake Forest

ENG 300 The Poetry of the American Sublime

ENG 385 20th Century American Poetry

ENG 758 Studies in Modern Poetry

Selected Publications

Kubrick’s Total Cinema: Philosophical Themes and Formal Qualities. Continuum. 2012.

Chaosmos: Literature, Science, and Theory. State University of New York Press. 1994.

The Persistence of Memory: Organism, Myth, Text. University of California Press. 1992.

A Calculus of Ezra Pound: Vocations of the American Sign. University Press of Florida. 1992.

“Kubrick’s Odyssey: Technology, Myth, and Gnosis”, The Arizona Quarterly, Vol. 64, No. 3 (Autumn 2008), 51-73.

“Kubrick’s Caretakers: Allegories of Homeland Security,” Arizona Quarterly, Vol. 63, No. 1 (Spring 2007), 137-154.

Plumbing the Abyss: Stanley Kubrick’s Bathrooms,” Arizona Quarterly, Vol. 60, No. 4 (Winter 2004), 139-160.

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