Jimmy Butts

Jimmy ButtsJimmy Butts

Assistant Teaching Professor


Office: C310 Tribble Hall
Email: buttsjm@wfu.edu


PhD Clemson University in Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design

 MA Winthrop University

AB The College of Charleston

Areas of Interest

Rhetorical & Literary Criticism & Theory, Formalism, Poststructuralism, Multimodal Composition, Media Studies, Digital Literacy, Writing Instruction, Critical & Creative Pedagogies, Postmodernism, Defamiliarization, Cinematics, Ludology, Ergodicity, Joyce, Eschatolagies and Writing Technologies, and Hospitality

Courses Taught at WFU

Writing 111: Strange Composition: http://go.wfu.edu/strange

Writing 111: Apocalyptic Writing: http://go.wfu.edu/apocalypse

Writing 111: Comma, Trouble


Selected Publications


“Along the Lines of Wired Gyred Grammars in the of Future Writing.”

High Wired Redux. Cybertext Yearbook Database.  Fall 2013.



“Prison Play: A Manifesto Concerning Escape.”  Pre/Text (Fall 2014).


Koans and Composition: Using an Enigmatic Genre to Learn about and Teach Writing.” English Instructor Exchange  Pearson, 11 Sept 2012. Web.


“Parabolic Tale, with Invocation; The Excursion; Scherzando: Three Short Film Adaptations”

Kenneth Burke Journal 8.1 (Fall 2013) Web.


Composition, Koans: The Gateless Gate Meets Writing Gateways                                  Spring 2012

Tumblr collection of composition related koans collected at CCCC 2012 through a Pearson grant

A Pearson grant project for CCCC.  St. Louis, MO.  April 2012.



“Instructor Reflection and Response” for Student Project: “Loneliness” Video Adaptation of Mansfield Poem.  The Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia Projects 3.1 (Nov 2011).  Web.




“The Effects of Multimodality Upon the Literate Text, Or A Traditional Five-Page English Paper.”  Pre/Text  20.1-4 (2010).


Looking Back: Linking Writing Lab Consultants of the Past with the Present.”  Writing Lab Newsletter 28.2 (Oct 2003): 13-15.

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